December update

Merry early Christmas, everyone!

I pray that your season is merry and bright and filled with time spent with wonderful people whom you love. I know during this time of year, it can be easy for me to forget about the actual reason we celebrate this holiday. I think the older I get, the more profound the life of Jesus becomes to me, beginning to end. And the more profound his life becomes to me, the more affection the Lord gives me for campus ministry. There is a very real threat to college students, especially at UNT, and the healing Jesus offers in transformative. So, I ask in the spirit of the season, please pray for radical encounters with the Holy Spirit for the students in Denton, TX.

As always, here is our student testimony for the month. This is one is close to my heart because I get to mentor her as she leads a group of young women at UNT in her small group. I've seen Crystal fight through anxiety and stay fiercely obedient to God. I've seen her fight against her natural tendencies to hide, and to be a light to girls on our campus. Please take a moment to read her story:


As all of you know, our Keep FOCUS Growing fundraiser just came to a close last week. This was our most successful fundraiser yet. We had a matching funds goal of $29,000 on Giving Tuesday and our students had a matching funds goal of $5000 at our weekly fellowship meetings that week. People exceeded well past both of those goals!!! In all, we are over $75,000 which puts us in a great position moving into next year. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who gave, shared the posts or otherwise passed on the news, and prayed for us. I am in awe of your generosity! 

Winter Camp:

Every January, we take all of students from all of our campuses to a mega retreat at Sky Ranch in Van, TX. This is the best way to start off the year rejuvenated after having real encounters with the Lord. Please pray for enthusiasm and an "all in" attitude from all of our students in Denton. I truly believe Jesus wants to make us new, and this is a game changer atmosphere. It was a transformative time for me when I attended my first winter camp in 2013. So, please pray that our students attend and participate and are willing to hear from the Holy Spirit. 

Some Pics: 

A Thanksgiving morning walk! On the morning of Thanksgiving, some friends from church (who are all FOCUS alumni btw - except for Emiliee, Josh's wife walking the dogs) and I walked 3 miles to make room for all the delicious treats that were to come our way. 

This is Cesia, she did not want me to take this photo but I thought she looked beautiful with the Fall trees behind her at outreach. She was in my peer team last year at Collin and is in my peer team at UNT this year! How special! 

Our Mega Peer Team meeting! This is a just a glimpse of all our young women who lead our students at UNT, TWU, and NCTC.


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