September update

Hey, everyone! I'm so excited to update you on what has been happening. But first I want to thank you for supporting me prayerfully, financially, and I want you to know that your gifts have been blessings to our students.

One of those students is Ulises from UTA. I met him briefly at our leadership conference (SICM), but it was really cool to read his testimony and get to know him a little better. Thank you for pouring into campus ministry and blessing people like Ulises.

Welcome Week:

Basically, up until yesterday for the last two weeks, our Denton staff team and our 38 student leaders have been hard at work, filled with strength from God meeting so many people on our UNT, NCTC, and TWU campuses. I say that God gave us strength because there is no way we could do it on our own for two weeks straight. At our first Friday Night FOCUS Fellowship for the year, we received 98 info cards from new students wanting to know how to get involved more. Success isn't in numbers but I point this out to show you how God is working through our students and our ministry! How cool!

Prayer requests:

We have a lot of students that deal with anxiety, depression, angst, many have experienced trauma and it appears that occasionally our students tread on losing hope. God's desire for our students, this campus, and this town, and all of his people is freedom from bondage. Please be praying that we can be a beacon of light and a vessel of hope through God. Please pray that regardless of what ministry students choose to be apart of that they can experience freedom and hope. Please pray that they know God desires to give them true life and healing. And pray that our campus ministries would be a united front against the schemes of evil that want to devour our campuses. That's a lot of praying, but this has been on a lot of people's hearts lately.

So, basically the following pictures are a nice lil' slideshow from the last two weeks!

First Friday Night Fellowship
Kristen carrying some dorm things!

5/8 of our Denton Staff Team

Students and staff helping freshmen move into the dorms!


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