May update

Hey, everyone! Happy May!

I am so excited to tell you about SICM and about Summer Focus. But first, our student testimony. I actually had the pleasure of knowing Bekwele when he was at Collin College last year. I'm also excited to get to work alongside him again when I move to Denton! Bekwele is at TWU, and I'm so proud of this guy and how he has followed the Lord. Check it out!


This year we were blessed to be able to bring over 100 students from all of our campuses to the Student Institute of Campus Ministry. This for last 10 days, they took intensive classes on how to be ministers to their campuses. They learned why Jesus calls us to outreach, they learned how to ask good questions, lead small groups, and more importantly they learned how to be disciples on the campuses and in their lives.

Collin College Focus staff at SICM

Meet Courtney, Jordy, and Mya. Students from our ministry!
This is Kristen. She and I will be working together on the Denton Focus team! What up UNT, TWU, and NCTC!  

My peer team:

This year was my first year leading a peer team. A peer team is group of small group leaders that we get to disciple throughout the year. This was our last big peer team meeting for the year. We topped it off with sharing where we were really at, we prayed for one another, and got froyo after because we say yes to sweet treats. These girls ministered to me as I ministered to them, they taught me about sisterhood, and served the girls in our community well. I am so thankful for them and know we will be sisters for life. Thank you to my supporters who invest me so I get to invest in girls like them. It really means so much. I will miss Collin College, but I'm looking forward to working in Denton.


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