April update

Hey, everyone!

It's been a bit since my last post. I am excited to update you all on everything that has happened since March! But first, as always, I'm happy to share another student testimony with you. This one comes from a student at UTD named Sienna. Take a moment to read her testimony! God is really good, y'all.

Spring Showcase:

I just want to take a moment and say thank you for praying and contributing to our annual Spring Showcase fundraiser. God really provided through all of you, the students, and the performers ,and artists. Not to mention Bent Tree Bible Fellowship Church in Carrollton for being so gracious, supportive, and helpful to provide a space for us for this fundraiser. Spring Showcase is our annual fundraiser to help send over 100 students to a discipleship training conference in Bellingham, WA called SICM. Many cannot afford the 715 price, so this event is a way to help with that. Thank you again for praying for them! All of our students are fully fundraised! Please be praying for safe travels, and for willing hearts to learn more about Jesus and how they can be the good news to their campuses. 

Mixed feelings: 

Every year as the school year ends, there's a little sadness with the burgeoning new schedules and summer plans. This year is different because I am transitioning to our Denton Staff after getting married this summer (all the transitions!!). Though I am sad to leave Collin, I don't think I should dwell on that too much. Denton will be good because God is good. Over the next few months, I want to honor some people that I have gotten to spend a lot of time with. Bring on the tears and the pictures!!

Image may contain: Cesia Martinez and Kelsey Tole, people smiling, people standing and indoor
Meet Cesia and Kelsey. These 2 girls I had the privilege of having on my peer team this year. They led small group together and studied the bible with about 5 - 6 girls each, outside of what they were already doing. Their hearts beat for God, and even though technically I was discipling them, they definitely discipled me too. I love them so much and I'm so thankful for them. 

One of our Corefas Bailey baptizing Jessica. Jessica and I began meeting weekly in October, and God has moved so powerfully in her life. She has become bold, fierce, and is learning to lead our women in our ministry. God is so good to bless our community with people like Jessica.


Please continue to pray that our students would be rested and ready for finals, and would continue to invest in others. Please pray for safe travels for our SICM trip next month, and for campus revival. Love yall! 


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