Happy spring, everyone!

I am so thankful for this time of year. The sun is out which means more vitamin D which means people generally happier... I think? Anyway, guessy-science jokes aside, I am pumped to fill y'all in on what's been going down in FOCUS town.

First, I want to update y'all about a sweet guy named Devin. I knew him when I was a student at UNT. He and I were a part of a group that would watch The Walking Dead on Sundays, and I always enjoyed hearing what he had to say about the show, what he was learning in school, and about his small group. I've witnessed him grow in boldness, and develop deep friendships over the years in our ministry. Take a moment to read his story! He's quite vulnerable here, but I think it has the potential to impact a lot of people struggle with intimacy in friendships.

Pizza Theology: Ready or he comes!
This was the legitimate title for our pizza theology this semester and it was about the second coming and the title makes me laugh a lot. Sarah, Brandon, and Miriam did a great job teaching through this topic. Sarah took us through the entire story of the bible, Brandon took us through Matthew 24 & 25, and Miriam and how to think about Revelation. The best part? We were left with so many questions to consider! And of course, there was lots of pizza (what up Cici's) and fellowship (over 400 friends attended this event). Having so many college students pay for a lecture over a topic in Christianity is such an answered prayer. So thank you for praying for our campuses. We are meeting Jesus is many ways, and one of those ways is learning to love Jesus with all of our minds (yay lecture).  If you would like to listen, you can do so here.
We packed out the lecture room at UTD for pizza theology! Those are Collin girls in the front row, what what!

More answered prayers:
I just want to say thank you for praying for our ministry. God has been so faithful, and heard your prayers. Slowly but surely our ministry at Collin has been growing, even since before I came on this staff. We packed out the house for parent night and I got to meet so many thankful parents. Feeling thankful for God using his funny little people to show Jesus to so many. Thank you. 

Parent night

Me winning at a game called Ninja at our weekly outreach :)


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