October update

Happy fall, everyone!

Every time the weather gets nice, I get so excited. We only have a few months where scarves, boots, and coats are necessary and I am patiently awaiting for that day. I own way too many scarves for a woman who lives in Texas, but I'm excited to wear one maybe starting around Thanksgiving? Who knows.

I am so excited to tell you guys about this past month of campus ministry! First, I would like for you to read sweet Jocelyn's story.

Fall Camp
Thank you all so much for praying for our fall camp! We had over a hundred students show up this year which is crazy big for a community college. Success isn't about numbers, but it was cool to see this many people show up. At fall camp, we played games, ate chik-fil-a, heard sermons from Garrett and Pedro, and participated in different forms of worship together. I know this experience was uncomfortable for a lot of people because it was uncomfortable for me at my first fall camp 5 years ago (yikes, im old), but it so worthwhile. The coolest thing about fall camp is perhaps the fact that friendships become solidified, and they become solidified at a place where they are interacting with the spirit of Jesus. 

During the worship night, a girl who is new to our community was visibly upset. I went to talk to her, but she just needed a hug. I said "What is God trying to tell you?" and she said "To share my story". She didn't tell me then, but I knew she would tell me at some unidentified later date. I actually ended up visiting her small group (our cores), and that was the night she was shared her story. The stuff she opened up about was stuff she had never told anyone, stuff that she was ashamed of, but she knew that God was calling her to be here and she felt safe to share those deep personal things. This is her first time back in a Christian community in a long time and it's a God deal that she feels at home. 

Our Collin fall camp!

Peer Team

This year I get to mentor 6 student leaders as they mentor the girls in their small group. This is a new role for me and I learn something new every week, but it is honestly the part I look forward to the most! I meet with each of them, one on one, every week. Each time I think I'm going to sound really smart and cool, they end up teaching me more about God's character through our relationships. I am so thankful for them and their willingness to lead a group of girls on our campuses. Please be praying for us as we navigate this year together! 

Thank you so much for all of your support! Please don't hesitate to hit me up for lunch, or a phone call. Love you all!

- Shayla


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