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January has whooshed on by, and that has a lot to do with the momentum from Winter Camp. Winter Camp is a special, annual event that happens over a weekend every January. During this time, students from all of our campuses get together to worship, listen to sermons, and to spend time growing in community via friendship. It's not hard to grow in community when you are stuffed into cabins and forced to share small bathroom spaces. Honestly, some of the funniest memories I have from my 5 years of Winter Camp have happened because of small spaces. There is a lot of snoring, sleep talking, and dancing that happen. Winter camp is an enjoyable, yet stretching kickoff for our students. Though it rained the entire weekend, it was still an amazing experience. We had over 600 students from all of campuses attend Winter Camp. My first year at Winter Camp, there were only 300 students. WOW! This was the first time at Winter Camp where I truly didn't see certain people for hours because there was just so many people everywhere, all the time. Perhaps the neatest thing of all was to see a big group of Preston Ridge girls attend Winter Camp. They were all so thankful for the experience, and haven't stopped talking about it since. They learned lessons, they let go of shame, and embraced Jesus. For some, it had been so long since they had done that. Praise God!

Preston Ridge students who attended winter camp!

Over 600 people attended winter camp!

Another cool thing that has been happening since school has started again have been all the new people we are meeting! Community College is neat because we truly get to meet so many new people at the turn of the semester. Each Tuesday and Wednesday, the staff get together to play games on campus and to meet new people. The response, even in some 50 degree weather, has been way more engaging that usual. Praise God for his provision to us! Already, Hannah and I have picked a few new bible studies with new girls at Preston Ridge. That is truly an answered prayer from God.

Tuesday Hangout at Preston Ridge

Student Testimony:
This guy, Josh Carpp, has such a neat story. I actually used to be room mates with his sister, Emily. She is a lovely person, and was a great room mate, and she actually supports me in ministry. So, to get to witness what God is doing in their family, even in small ways through a testimony like this, is so neat. Testimonies aren't small, they invite people into the kingdom of God. This is how God uses messy situations for the kingdom. How freaking neat. 

Thank you! To readers, financial and prayer supporters, or even the curious passerby. This kid of work would be impossible without your support. Thank you so, so much. 



  1. Hey Shayla! I'm so pumped to hear how Preston Ridge is going. What a neat thing that so many ladies from that campus got to go to camp this year. I am praying that they would catch the vision of reaching out to others on their campus to grow God's kingdom. Keep up the good work. Love you Shayla.

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